Hardship Plan

PRSA has a financial hardship plan for members who are unemployed or temporarily disabled.

Terms of the Hardship Plan

  1. The financial hardship plan is available to anyone who has been a member of PRSA for three or more years and is unemployed or temporarily disabled. Those working part time — regardless of whether or not they are practicing public relations — are not eligible. Members who recently lapsed and who meet these criteria may apply for the plan.
  2. Temporarily disabled members, including those on maternity leave, also are eligible for the plan provided they meet the terms of service stated in #1.
  3. The hardship dues rate for regular National members is $125, a savings of $130 from the full dues of $255. Bluegrass PRSA Chapter rates are reduced from $55 to $25. Professional Interest Sections and Fellows dues have NOT been reduced.
  4. The hardship dues must be paid in full. The hardship rate cannot be combined with the Quarterly Payment Program.
  5. This is a one-time offer of one year duration — in other words, any individual may only apply to have their dues reduced under the hardship program once over their lifetime.
  6. Members who renew with the hardship plan will still receive all PRSA member benefits.
  7. To apply for the hardship program, members must complete and sign a short application on which they attest that they are unemployed or temporarily disabled and must submit any applicable dues.


How it Works
Members wishing to take advantage of the hardship plan should contact a Member Services representative or call (212) 460-1400 to receive a short application which states the terms of the plan, asks the member to indicate whether they are unemployed or temporarily disabled, and asks them to sign it. Members may pay the adjusted dues by mail, fax or phone; they cannot renew online if they are opting for the hardship plan.