Communicator of the Year

The annual Communicator of the Year Award recognizes Louisville Metro area individuals whose demonstrated communications skills over an extended period of time have had a substantially positive influence on the community and/or significantly raised awareness of an issue. This award is co-sponsored by the International Association of Business Communicators (Kentucky Chapter) and the Public Relations Society of America (Bluegrass Chapter).

Communicator of the Year Nomination

Past honorees include:

  • Jerry Abramson
  • Dave Armstrong
  • Lynn Ashton
  • J. Barry Barker
  • J. Michael Brown
  • Malcolm Chancey
  • Jill Conley
  • Rev. Dr. Kevin W. Cosby
  • Michael Davis
  • Mayor Greg Fischer
  • Dr. Beverly Gaines
  • Ed Hamilton
  • Rebecca Jackson
  • Christine Johnson
  • Tom Jurich
  • Joe Pusateri
  • Dr. James Ramsey
  • Rob Reifsnyder
  • Russ Sanders
  • Dr. John Shumaker
  • Marchetta Sparrow
  • Sue Speed
  • Chief Robert C.White
  • Harold Workman
  • Teddy Abrams
  • Eleanor Jordan
  • Mike Berry